1. Harvard University (MA)


1.      What are your three most substantial accomplishments and why do you view them as such? (600-word limit)

2.      What have you learned from a mistake? (400-word limit)

3.      Please respond to two of the following (400-word limit each):

A.        What would you like the MBA Admissions Board to know about your undergraduate academic experience?

B.         Discuss how you have engaged with a community or organization.

C.         What area of the world are you most curious about and why?

D.        What is your career vision and why is this choice meaningful to you?

1. Stanford University (CA)

«  Essay A: What matters most to you, and why?

«  Essay B: What are your career aspirations? How will your education at Stanford help you achieve them?

«  Essay C: Short Essays—Options 1-4
Answer two of the questions below. Tell us not only what you did but also how you did it. What was the outcome? How did people respond? Only describe experiences that have occurred during the last three years.

Ü  Option 1: Tell us about a time when you built or developed a team.

Ü  Option 2: Tell us about a time when you felt most effective as a leader.

Ü  Option 3: Tell us about a time when you tried to reach a goal or complete a task that was challenging, difficult, or frustrating.

Ü  Option 4: Tell us about a time when you went beyond what was defined, established, or expected.


Essay Length

Your answers for all of the essay questions cannot exceed 1,800 words. Each of you has your own story to tell, so please allocate the 1,800 words among all of the essays in the way that is most effective for you. We provide some guidelines below as a starting point, but you should feel comfortable to write as much or as little as you like on any essay question, as long as you do not exceed 1,800 words total.

Ü  Essay A     750 words

Ü  Essay B     450 words

Ü  Essay C     300 words each



3. University of Pennsylvania (PA)

Essay 1 (Required)

Describe your career progress to date and your future short-term and long-term career goals. How do you expect an MBA from Wharton to help you achieve these goals, and why is now the best time for you to join our program? (1,000 words)


Essay 2 (Required)

Describe a setback or a failure that you have experienced. What role did you play, and what did you learn about yourself? (500 words)


Essay 3 (Required)

Where in your background would we find evidence of your leadership capacity and/or potential? (500 words)


Essay 4 (Required)

Please complete one of the following two questions:

1.          Describe an experience you have had innovating or initiating, your lessons learned, the results and impact of your efforts. (500 words)

2.          Is there anything about your background or experience that you feel you have not had the opportunity to share with the Admissions Committee in your application? If yes, please explain. (500 words)


Essay 5 (Optional)

If you feel there are extenuating circumstances of which the Committee should be aware, please explain them here (e.g., unexplained gaps in work experience, choice of recommenders, TOEFL waiver request, inconsistent or questionable academic performance, significant weaknesses in your application). (250 words, maximum)


4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MA)

Essay 1: Please tell us about a challenging interaction you had with a person or group. (500 words or less, limited to one page)


Essay 2: Please tell us about a time when you defended your idea. (500 words or less, limited to one page)


Essay 3: Please tell us about a time when you executed a plan. (500 words or less, limited to one page)


Essay 4: Please tell the Admissions Committee whatever else you would like us to know. (250 words or less, limited to one page)


Supplemental Information

You may use this section to address any specific circumstances related to your academic background. (250 words or less, limited to one page)



4. Northwestern University (Kellogg) (IL)


Essay Question 1

All applicants must complete A or B as appropriate:

A.        Master of Business Administration applicants only. Briefly assess your career progress to date. Elaborate on your future career plans and your motivation for pursuing a graduate degree at Kellogg. (one to two pages double-spaced)

B.         MMM Program applicants only. Briefly assess your career progress to date. How does the MMM program meet your educational needs and career goals? (one to two pages double-spaced)


Essay Question 2

Describe how your background, values, academics, activities and/or leadership skills will enhance the experiences of other Kellogg students.

(one to two pages double-spaced)


Essay Question 3

Describe your key leadership experiences and evaluate what leadership areas you hope to develop through your MBA experience? (one to two pages double-spaced)


Essay Question 4

Complete 2 of the 3 essays.

(two to three double spaced paragraphs for each question)

A.        Describe a time when you had to motivate a reluctant individual or group.

B.         I wish the Admissions Committee had asked me…

C.         What do others admire about you?

D.        D. (Required essay for re-applicants only)--Since your previous application, what are the steps you've taken to strengthen your candidacy?


*In addition to the first 3 required essay questions, all re-applicants must answer question 4D and one of the other essays from this grouping.

(Note: If uploading essays, both must be included in the same document file)




4. University of Chicago (IL)



1.          Why are you pursuing an MBA at this point in your career? (750 word maximum).


2.          Please select one of the following two questions to answer. (1000 word maximum)

Option 1
a) Please provide an example of a time when you had to make a choice between two equally important obligations. How did you decide which obligation deserved your attention? b) Did you try and predict other people's reactions to your decision? If so, how accurate were you? Why do you think you were or were not accurate in your prediction? c) Reflecting on this experience, how do you think an MBA from Chicago GSB might have aided in your decision making process?



Option 2
a) Have you ever made a decision that caused you to go against popular opinion? Please describe that situation and your rationale for your decision. b) Did you feel at any point that people misperceived your motives? Explain. c) In retrospect, how do you think an MBA from Chicago GSB would have affected your




7. Dartmouth College (Tuck) (NH)


Although there is no restriction on the length of your response, most applicants use, on average, 500 words for each essay. There are no right or wrong answers. Please double-space your responses.


1.          Why is an MBA a critical next step toward your short- and long-term career goals? Why is Tuck the best MBA program for you? (If you are applying for a joint or dual degree, please explain how the additional degree will contribute to those goals.)

2.          Tuck defines leadership as “inspiring others to strive and enabling them to accomplish great things.” We believe great things and great leadership can be accomplished in pursuit of business and societal goals. Describe a time when you exercised such leadership. Discuss the challenges you faced and the results you achieved. What characteristics helped you to be effective, and what areas do you feel you need to develop in order to be a better leader?

3.          Discuss the most difficult constructive criticism or feedback you have received. How did you address it? What have you learned from it?

4.          Tuck seeks candidates of various backgrounds who can bring new perspectives to our community. How will your unique personal history, values, and/or life experiences contribute to the culture at Tuck?

5.          (Optional) Please provide any additional insight or information that you have not addressed elsewhere that may be helpful in reviewing your application (e.g., unusual choice of evaluators, weaknesses in academic performance, unexplained job gaps or changes, etc.). Complete this question only if you feel your candidacy is not fully represented by this application.

6.          (To be completed by all re-applicants) How have you strengthened your candidacy since you last applied? Please reflect on how you have grown personally and professionally.



7. University of California – Berkeley


**Please answer all questions, even those marked "optional". If a particular question does not apply to you, please answer "N/A".

Section I: Supplementary Questions

1.      If you have not provided a letter of recommendation from your current supervisor, please explain; otherwise, enter N/A.

2.      List in order of importance all community & professional organizations and extracurricular activities in which you have been involved during or after university studies. Indicate the nature of the activity or organization, dates of involvement, offices held, & average number of hours spent per month.

3.      List full-time and part-time jobs held during undergraduate or graduate studies, indicating the employer, job title, employment dates, location, and the number of hours worked per week for each position held prior to the completion of your degree.

4.      Please explain all gaps in your employment since earning your university degree.

5.      Please identify the course(s) you have taken or intend to take to demonstrate quantitative proficiency. Provide the course name, date, grade if any, and institution at which the course was or will be taken. If you wish, you may discuss other ways in which you have demonstrated strong quantitative abilities.

6.      If you have ever been subject to academic discipline, placed on probation, suspended or required to withdraw from any college or university, please explain.  If not, please enter N/A. (An affirmative response to this question does not automatically disqualify you from admission.)


Section II: Short Answer

1.      If you could change one thing you've done in your life, what would it be, and how would you do it differently? (250 word maximum)

2.      Tell us about your most significant accomplishment. (250-word maximum)

3.      At Haas, we value innovation and creativity. Describe an innovative solution you have created to address a specific challenge? (250 word maximum)

4.      What steps have you taken to learn about the Berkeley MBA program, and what factors have influenced your decision to apply? (250-word maximum)


Section III: Required Essays

1.      Give us an example of a situation in which you displayed leadership. (500-word maximum)

2.      What are your short-term and long-term career goals? How do your professional experiences relate to these goals? Why do you want an MBA from Berkeley at this point in your career? (1,000-word maximum)


Optional Essays:

1.      (Optional). Please feel free to provide a statement concerning any information you would like to add to your application that you haven't addressed elsewhere. (500-word maximum)

2.      (Optional). If you wish to be considered for a Haas Achievement Award (for individuals who have achieved success in spite of significant economic, educational, health-related and/or other obstacles), please use this space to address the obstacles you have overcome. (750-word maximum)

3.      (Optional). Please provide the occupation of, and highest degree obtained by, your parent(s) or guardian(s).



9. Columbia University (NY)

The following essay questions are part of the application to Columbia Business School. In addition to learning about your professional aspirations, the Admissions Committee hopes to gain an understanding of your interests, values and motivations through these essays. How you answer these essays is at your discretion, there are no right answers and we encourage you to answer each question thoughtfully and honestly.

1.      What are your short-term and long-term post-MBA goals? How will Columbia Business School help you achieve these goals? (Recommended 750 word limit)

2.      Master Classes are the epitome of bridging the gap between theory and practice at Columbia Business School. (View link below) Please provide an example from your own life in which practical experience taught you more than theory alone. (Recommended 500 word limit)

3.      Please provide an example of a team failure of which you've been a part. If given a second chance, what would you do differently? (Recommended 500 word limit)

4.      (Optional) Is there any further information that you wish to provide to the Admissions Committee? (Please use this space to provide an explanation of any areas of concern in your academic record or your personal history.)



10. New York University (Stren) (NY)


l   Please adhere to the essay word limits provided for each question.

l   Word limits apply to the total question. For example, your response to Essay 1 should answer part (a), part (b) and part (c) with a maximum of 750 words.

l   Label the top of each essay with the following: Name, Date of Birth (month, day, year), Essay Number and Page Number (e.g.: Joe Applicant, January 1, 2001, Essay 1, Page 1)

Essay 1: Professional Aspirations

(750 word maximum, double-spaced, 12-point font)

Think about the decisions you have made in your life. Answer the following:

(a) What choices have you made that led you to your current position?

(b) Why pursue an MBA at this point in your life?

(c) What is your career goal upon graduation from NYU Stern? What is your long-term career goal?


Essay 2: Fit with Stern

(500 word maximum, double-spaced, 12-point font)

The NYU Stern collaborative community is one of our strongest assets. We seek individuals who are passionate about our community and committed to growing as leaders at Stern. Please answer the following questions:

(a) What is your personal experience with the Stern community? What actions have you taken to learn more about us?

(b) What is the most difficult piece of constructive feedback you have received, and what did you do as a result of it? How will this experience make you a better member of the Stern community?


Essay 3: Personal Expression

l   Please describe yourself to your MBA classmates. You may use almost any method to convey your message (e.g. words, illustrations). Feel free to be creative.

l   Please be aware that only .doc, .rtf, .xls, and .txt files may be uploaded here. If you submit Essay 3 with your supplementary materials, please include a brief description of it here.

l   All submissions become part of NYU Stern’s permanent records and cannot be returned for any reason. Please do not submit anything that must be viewed or played electronically (e.g. CDs, DVDs, MP3s, online links), that is perishable (e.g. food) or that has been worn (e.g. used clothing). If you submit a written essay, it should be 500 words maximum, double-spaced, 12-point font.

l   If you are not submitting Essay 3 online, you must provide a brief description of your submission with your online application.


Essay 4: Additional Information (optional)
Please provide any additional information that you would like to bring to the attention of the Admissions Committee. This may include current or past gaps in employment, further explanation of your undergraduate record or self-reported academic transcript(s), plans to retake the GMAT and/or TOEFL or any other relevant information.

l   If you are unable to submit a recommendation from a current supervisor, you must explain your reason in Essay 4.

l      If you are a re-applicant from last year, please explain how your candidacy has improved since your last application.

l      If you are applying to a dual degree program, please explain your decision to pursue a dual degree.


11. Univ. of California-Los Angeles (Anderson)


Essay Question 1:
How has your family and/or community helped shape your development? Please include information about where you grew up, and perhaps a highlight or special memory of your youth. (750 words)


Essay Question 2:
What experience has had the greatest impact on who you are today and why? (500 words)


Essay Question 3:
Discuss your short-term and long-term career goals. What is your motivation for pursuing an MBA now at UCLA Anderson? (750 words)


Essay Question 4 - Audio or Text :
Select and respond to ONE of the following questions. We would like you to respond to the question by recording an audio response (up to 1 minute).  If you are unable to submit your response via audio, then please upload a written response (250 words) instead.  The supported file types for audio files are: .avi, .wav, .mp3, .wmv, .midi, .wma, .aiff, .au, .mp4

A.        What does entrepreneurial spirit mean to you?

B.         What global issue matters most to you and why?

C.        What is something people will find surprising about you?




12. Univ. of Michigan–Ann Arbor (Ross)

Essay one
1a. Briefly describe your short-term and long-term career goals.

1b. Why is an MBA the best choice at this point in your career?

1c. What and/or who influenced your decision to apply to Ross?

(500-word maximum total)


Essay Two

Describe your most significant professional accomplishment. Elaborate on the leadership skills you displayed, the actions you took and the impact you had on your organization. (500-word maximum)


Essay Three

If you were not pursuing the career goals you described in Question 1, what profession would you pursue instead? (For example, teacher, musician, athlete, architect, etc.) How will this alternate interest contribute to your effectiveness in solving multidisciplinary problems? (300-word maximum)


Essay Four

Describe your experience during a challenging time in your life. Explain how you grew personally, either despite this challenge or because of it. (300-word maximum)


Optional Question

Is there anything else you think the Admission Committee should know about you to evaluate your candidacy?



13. Yale University (CT)


n   Why a Yale MBA?
What is the impact that you wish to have on the world? How will your previous experiences and a Yale MBA enhance your ability, in the short-term and long-term, to pursue a career that will allow you to achieve this impact? (500 words maximum)


n   Leadership Example
Describe a professional accomplishment that exhibits your leadership style. The accomplishment should include evidence of your leadership skills, a description of the actions you took, as well as the impact you had on your organization. (500 words maximum)


n   Personal Statement 1
Choose one (1) of the following topics and answer it in essay form. Please indicate the topic number at the beginning of your essay. (500 words maximum)


u  A central premise of our teaching about leadership at the Yale School of Management is that true leadership – leadership that helps to address a significant problem in a new way – is necessarily personal. It is only when personal passion aligns with meaningful aspirations that individuals are able to inspire others to act in support of an important goal or cause. What are you most passionate about, and how have you demonstrated a commitment to this passion?


u  What personal achievement are you most proud of and why?

u  Describe a situation in which your values were challenged. How did you respond to the situation and what did you learn from it?


u  A phrase often heard among SOM graduates is that they aspire to lead a life that is an “SOM Story”– that of a broadly engaged, values-based leader who owns and solves hard problems that matter. How will you create your own SOM Story? Describe a situation in which you devised and implemented a creative or innovative solution to a difficult problem. What obstacles did you face and how did you overcome them?


u  The Yale School of Management is a community of individuals with diverse backgrounds and interests. What unique attributes would you bring to the Class of 2011?


u  What is the most difficult feedback you have received and how did you address it? Looking forward, what skills are you most eager to build or improve upon in business school?


u  Required for re-applicants: What steps have you taken to improve your candidacy since your last application?

n   Personal Statement 2
Choose one (1) of the other topics listed in Personal Statement 1, or create a topic of your own about a subject that is meaningful to you, and answer it in essay form. Please indicate the topic number (or state the topic if it is not one of those listed) at the beginning of your essay. (500 words maximum)

n   Additional Information (optional)
If any aspect of your candidacy needs further explanation, please provide any additional information that you would like the Admissions Committee to consider. (250 words maximum)




14. Cornell University (Johnson)


*** MBA/AMBA - Essays 1, 2 and 3 are required essays. Essay 4 is optional. All re-applicants are required to complete essay 5. Please observe the 400 word maximum limit for each essay.

1.      Describe your greatest professional achievement and how you were able to add value to your organization. (Required; 400 word limit)

2.      What career do you plan to pursue upon completion of an MBA degree and why? How will the Johnson School help you achieve this goal? (Required; 400 word limit)

3.      You are the author for the book of Your Life Story. Please write the Table of Contents for the book.

4.      Complete this essay if there is other information you would like to add regarding your candidacy. For instance, if you believe one or more aspects of your application (e.g., undergraduate GPA or test scores) does not accurately reflect your potential for success at the Johnson School. (Optional; 400 word limit)

5.      Describe the measures you have taken to strengthen your application since you last applied to the Johnson School. (Required for all re-applicants; 400 word limit)


14. Duke University (Fuqua)


All applicants have the opportunity to submit an optional essay to explain any extenuating circumstances of which the Admissions Committee should be aware.


 Short Answer Essays - Answer all short answer essay questions.

1.          What do you hope to gain from The Duke MBA? How does it fit into your short- and long- term goals? If you are interested in a joint degree or the Health Sector Management program, please address in this response.

2.          How will you contribute to the overall experience of your peers at The  Duke MBA?

3.           Discuss a person, event or experience that has significantly shaped your life and explain why. Note: The goal of this essay is to get a sense of who you are, rather than what you have achieved professionally.


Long Essay - Answer the long essay question below.

Today, companies must navigate through complex and interdependent issues. They must deal with health and security matters, environmental impact questions, and diversity and cultural concerns.  Leaders need adaptability, imagination, and emotional intelligence as well as business acumen.

Upon graduation, a Duke MBA will be a leader of consequence - able to deal simultaneously with complex matters and engage skillfully with colleagues, clients, and community.  What impact do you hope to have as a leader of consequence?


Optional Essay (not required)

If you feel there are extenuating circumstances of which the admissions  committee should be aware, please explain them here (e.g. unexplained gaps in work, choice of recommenders, inconsistent or questionable academic performance, significant weakness in your application).  




14. University of Virginia (Darden)

1.          What pivotal choice(s) have you made in your life that have influenced your decision to pursue an MBA? (500 words)

2.          From the following categories, describe the one that has taught you the most: a creative challenge, an ethical dilemma or an experience of failure. Why?  (250 words)

3.          Describe how you are a fit with the case study method. (250 words)



17. Carnegie Mellon University


*** Suggested length - 2 double-spaced pages per essay

1.      ESSAY A*(Required)
What are your short term and long term goals? How will a Tepper MBA help you achieve these goals? (Please include any information regarding what steps you have taken to learn more about Tepper.)

2.      ESSAY B*(Required)
The Tepper School's culture relies on all members to be active contributors in our community. How will you contribute to the Tepper community? Please feel free to include examples from the past or ideas for the future.

3.      ESSAY C*(Required)
Please answer two of the following three questions or statements. Please clearly specify which questions you are answering. Your two answers should equal a total of two pages or less.

A.    Describe an obstacle you have faced in your professional or academic life. How did you overcome this obstacle and how did it foster your development?

B.     Describe a time in which your ethics were challenged. How did you deal with the situation and what did you learn from it?

C.    One thing people would be surprised to know about me is…


4.      Additional Essays.
ESSAY D: Is there anything else that you think we should know as we evaluate your application?
Note: If you believe your credentials and essays represent you fairly, you should not feel obligated to answer this question. This essay is intended to provide a place for you to add information that you think is important but is not covered elsewhere in the application.

   Note: You must complete this essay if you answered 'yes' to either of the 'additional information' questions above. (Online)



18. University of Texas–Austin
Required Essays

1.      Please define your short- and long-term goals and objectives, your career progression to date, and how an MBA fits in at this time. What makes the Texas MBA the perfect fit for you? --- Limit: 900 words


2.      The Texas MBA is built around four key pillars of leadership. Describe an experience that you have had that clearly demonstrates your leadership as it relates to one of our four pillars: 1) Responsibility/Integrity; 2) Knowledge/Understanding; 3) Collaborative/Communication; or 4) Worldview of Business and Society. --- Limit: 650 words

3.      At the McCombs School of Business, you will be part of an active and diverse community. How will you use your personal strengths and unique experiences to enrich the McCombs community during your two years in the program? --- Limit: 500 words


Optional Essay

Please provide any additional information to the Admissions Committee that you believe is important and/or will address any areas of concern that will ultimately be beneficial to the committee in considering your application. --- Limit: 350 words



19. U of North Carolina–Chapel Hill

*** Questions 1-4 are required of all applicants. Questions 5 and 6 are optional. Your name and question number should appear at the top of each page submitted. Use a font size no smaller than 11 points, and 1.5 line spacing. Documents in *.doc format are preferable, but *.pdf and *.txt are acceptable.


1.      What are the 2 or 3 strengths or characteristics that have driven your career success thus far? Do you have other strengths that you would like to leverage in the future? Your response should not exceed 500 words.

2.      Briefly describe the career path you intend to pursue immediately after b-school. Explain why this career option appeals to you and why an MBA is appropriate at this time. Your response should not exceed 500 words.

3.      What personal qualities or life experiences distinguish you from other applicants? How do these qualities or experiences equip you to contribute to Kenan-Flagler? Your response should not exceed 500 words.

4.      What do you expect from your MBA program? How and when will you measure the return on your investment in the MBA? Your response should not exceed 500 words.



5.      If your GMAT quantitative score is low, or if you have not had coursework in calculus, microeconomics, statistics and financial accounting, please tell us how you plan to prepare yourself for the quantitative MBA curriculum. 300 words maximum.

6.      Is there anything else you think the Admissions Committee should know about you in order to evaluate your candidacy? 300 words maximum.




20. Indiana University–Bloomington


1.      Please discuss your post-MBA short- and long-term professional goals. How will your professional experience, when combined with a Kelley MBA degree, allow you to achieve these goals?


Choose two of the next three

2.      Describe an ethical dilemma that you faced in your professional career. How was it resolved and what did you learn from the experience?

3.      Suppose you had to choose three people-people alive now or people from another era-to travel with you on a cross-country automobile trip. Who would you choose and why? What would you hope to learn from them? (Think carefully about the company you want on those long stretches through Nebraska and Kansas.)

4.      Describe what there is about your background and your experiences that will contribute to the diversity of the entering class and enhance the educational experience of other students.





21. Univ. of Southern California


1.          Describe in a brief essay (do not exceed 250 words per section - 750 words maximum):

A.        your post-MBA short-term goals (immediately after graduation),

B.         your post-MBA long-term goals (3-5 years after graduation), and

C.         how your professional experience, when combined with an MBA degree, will enable you to achieve these goals.

2.          Complete one of the following three statements. Do not exceed 250 words.

A.          "My most significant accomplishment to date is…"

B.           "People may be surprised to learn that I…"

C.           "I am considered a leader because…"

3.          Answer two of the following questions. Do not exceed 500 words per question.

A.          The Marshall MBA Prime Program prepares students for doing business in a global economy. Describe a cross-cultural experience that challenged you. How did you meet this challenge and what did you learn from this experience?

B.           USC has garnered national acclaim for its emphasis on community outreach and service. How have you impacted your community?

C.           We all experience significant events or milestones that influence the course of our lives. Briefly describe such an event and how it affected you.

4.          Optional Essay: Please add any additional information that you would like the Admissions Committee to consider in evaluating your application. Do not exceed 250 words.



22. Arizona State University


Essay Question #1
Explain how your past accomplishments have prepared you for the W. P. Carey MBA.

Essay Question #2
How will the W. P. Carey MBA help you achieve your personal and professional goals?  Please reference the specialization or area of emphasis you plan to pursue and discuss your career goals after the MBA program.

Essay Question #3
Please address any weaknesses in your W. P. Carey MBA application or provide additional information you would like to bring to the attention of the Admissions Committee. Concerns to be addressed may include past academic performance or GPA, work experience and/or GMAT scores. 




22. Georgetown University


1.          ESSAY ONE (Required): In one or two sentences, please state your short-term and long-term career objectives. How have your prior professional, academic, and personal experiences influenced your career plans? Specifically, how will your participation in Georgetown's MBA Full-Time Program contribute to your career objectives? (Limit: 750 words)

2.          ESSAY TWO (Required): In your own words, how do you define leadership? Please provide a specific example (professional or personal) of a time when you embodied the characteristics of a leader. Be sure to highlight the challenges you faced and the results you achieved. What areas do you wish to develop in order to become a more effective leader? (Limit: 750 words)

3.          ESSAY THREE (Required): What is the most significant change you have made to any organization with which you have been recently affiliated? Please describe how you identified the need for change and how you managed the process of implementing change. What were the results? (Limit: 750 words)

4.          ESSAY FOUR: COMMUNITY CONTRIBUTIONS, PERSONAL INTERESTS, AND AFFILIATIONS (REQUIRED): List in order of importance all community and professional organizations and extracurricular activities in which you have been involved during or after university studies. Indicate the nature of the activity or organization, dates of involvement, offices held, and average number of hours spent each month. (Limit: one page)

5.          OPTIONAL ESSAY: Please feel free to provide a statement concerning any information you would like to add to your application that you have not addressed elsewhere. For example, you may comment on your academic record as an indication of your potential for graduate management education, or you may explain any gaps in your work history. If you are not submitting a letter of recommendation from your current supervisor, use this space to explain why. Similarly, if you are not currently employed full-time, use this space to provide information about your current activities. (Limit: 500 words)





24. Emory University


1.      List one of your most significant professional or organizational accomplishments. Describe your precise role in this event and how it has helped to shape your management skills. Please limit your response to two, double-spaced, typed pages.

2.      Please complete/address two of the following statements. Full-time candidates (Two-Year and One-Year Programs) must complete/address choice F as one of the two options. Please limit each response to one, double-spaced, typed page.

A.    I have always wanted to....

B.     My most memorable cross-cultural experience....

C.     My family background is unique because....

D.    The person who has had the greatest influence on my leadership style is... because...

E.     The greatest lesson I have ever learned....

F.      Of Goizueta’s core values (courage, integrity, accountability, rigor, diversity, team, community), which value resonates most with you and why?

3.      What do you expect to accomplish in the Goizueta Business School MBA program? How will your participation in the MBA program fit in with your experiences and responsibilities as well as your short and long-term career goals? Please limit your response to two, double-spaced, typed pages.




25. University of Rochester


1.          Describe your post-M.B.A. or post-M.S. career plans. How does your past education and experience support your career objectives? What aspects of the Simon School program make it a good choice for your graduate study? Why have you chosen to apply to the Simon School for graduate study?(500 word maximum)

2.          Discuss two examples that demonstrate your potential as a successful leader. (500 word maximum)

ü   (Optional) Share any information that you think is important in the evaluation of your application, including any concerns you think the Admissions Committee may have regarding your application. (500 word maximum)


25. Washington Univ. in St. Louis


1.      List awards, scholarships, honorary fraternities, and other honors.

2.      List your involvement in community, extracurricular, and professional organizations. Please indicate your involvement, scope of responsibilities, and whether you were elected or appointed to a leadership position.

3.      List the name(s) of anyone who has recommended the Olin MBA program to you. Please note their job titles and relationships to you and to Washington University, and the degrees received (if applicable).

4.      If any of your relatives are graduates of Washington University, list their names, relationships to you, and the degrees received. (This information is used for courtesy purposes only; it is not used in the admissions decision.)


Essay # 1

Required Essay (Do not Exceed 600 words.) -Please leave a one-inch margin at the top and bottom of each page of your essay.

Please provide an essay that describes your professional and personal motivations for obtaining an MBA degree from the Olin School of Business. Within the essay, please identify in detail your short and long term career objectives. Be as specific as possible.

Essay # 2 (Optional)

Optional Essay (Do not exceed 300 words)-Please leave a one-inch margin at the top and bottom of each page of your essay.

Please provide any additional information about your application or your candidacy for business school that you believe would be helpful to the Olin Admissions Committee.




27. Ohio State University


Essay #1: Shaping Your Vision

Every year Fisher College’s MBA program admits a select group of talented professionals with demonstrated potential to become successful business leaders in an increasingly competitive, global environment. Briefly summarize your professional accomplishments to date. If you have not held a full-time job or are still in college, let us know about your leadership accomplishments in a school, internship, or extracurricular context.


Also, why do you want to earn an MBA degree in general and a Fisher College MBA in particular? Include your post-MBA goals, both short-term and long-term, and outline your plan for achieving them.

Maximum words: 750


Essay #2: Focusing On Leadership

At the core of our mission is our dedication to developing leaders. Successful leaders have a number of shared characteristics, and we would like you to choose two out of the 10 attributes that best describe you, your leadership style, and/or your leadership successes to date:


Communication Skills




Global Outlook



Self Awareness


Please provide us with clear evidence of your accomplishments for the two chosen attributes. You have three options for doing so: Maximum words per essay: 500

Ø      Option 1: You may submit physical objects, images, photographs, or photocopies, along with brief descriptions of how these objects exemplify the leadership qualities you selected. For example, to illustrate endurance, you might share a copy of your marathon medal, along with a short paragraph describing this experience.

Ø      Option 2: You may choose to write an essay for each of the two characteristics you select, describing situations in which you exemplified these leadership traits.

Ø      Option 3: You may combine options 1 and 2.


Please note that Fisher College will not be responsible for returning physical objects to applicants.


Essay #3: Discovering You

As a Fisher College MBA student, you get the best of both worlds: the up-close and personal feel of a small program combined with the resources and opportunities offered by a major research university. As an individual participant, you will play a key role in shaping our culture. Consequently, we would like to learn more about who you are and the unique characteristics you will contribute to the Fisher College community.


Provide an honest description of yourself outside your professional context, stressing the personal characteristics you believe to be your strengths and weaknesses, along with the factors that have most influenced your development to date. If you would like the MBA Admission Committee to be aware of any additional information and/or special circumstances, we encourage you to include it here.


Maximum words: 750



27. Univ. of Minnesota


1.          Leadership can take many forms. Please give one specific example of how you have demonstrated effective leadership in your professional life. (maximum 250 words) (Required)

2.          What do you consider to be your most important accomplishments? Please describe one personal accomplishment and one professional accomplishment. (maximum 400 words) (Required)

3.          Describe your short-term goals upon completing your MBA. What would be your "ideal" first job after graduation? (maximum 250 words) (Required)

4.          Why are you applying to the Carlson Full-Time MBA Program? Why is The Carlson School a good match for your educational and professional development goals? (maximum 400 words) (Required)

5.           Other Factors (optional): If there are any factors that have influenced your grade point average or your test scores, or if your educational background has generally been disadvantaged and you would like these factors to be considered when your application is reviewed, please explain these circumstances fully in a supplemental essay.




29. Brigham Young University


MBA Essays from online application

*** Those qualities are the subject of the following two essay questions. Limit answers to the equivalent of one single-spaced type-written page per essay.

1.          Much of management education requires analysis of complex business situations. Students are expected to consider all available quantitative and qualitative data, formulate and evaluate alternatives, and make recommendations. Since there are often no correct or incorrect answers, the educational value of the exercise is only complete when the student receives feedback on their analysis. Ideally the student would present the work to the class and the instructor and would then benefit from the collective response. Unfortunately, there is insufficient time in class for everyone to have their work evaluated in this manner. Consequently, the education process relies heavily on students receiving feedback on their work from the study group of which they are a part. Typically, study groups include people with different backgrounds and perspectives, so the feedback can be as valuable as possible. What strengths, skills, and experiences do you have that would make you a particularly valuable member of a study group?


2.          Because the Marriott School MBA program receives substantial financial support from the tithes of the LDS Church, the faculty and administration are committed to advancing the mission of the Church as they operate a nationally recognized MBA program. Thus, the goals of the MBA program include the melding of spiritual and secular truths in your studies, as well as sharing the benefits of your education with people throughout the world. Please describe ways that the program might realize these goals and what role you might play in those efforts.




29. Georgia Institute of Technology


1.          Essay 1: If you could host a dinner party and invite any four people, either living or dead, whom would you invite and what would the five of you discuss together? There is no right answer concerning the dinner guests; rather, we want you to be creative and thoughtful in your response. Space is limited to 4000 characters.

2.          Essay 2: What are your expectations of the MBA program? What do you hope to gain from your study at Georgia Tech? What contributions do you think you will make? Space is limited to 4000 characters.

ü   Essay 3: (Optional) The Admissions Committee believes that the required essays address issues that are important in learning about you and in understanding your candidacy for the MBA program. However, you may provide us with any information pertinent to your admission that has not been covered in the rest of the application. Feel free to discuss any unique aspects of your candidacy or any perceived weaknesses. Space is limited to 4000 characters.



29. Texas A&M U-College Station


*** Limit two typed pages (double-spaced) per response.

1.      Discuss your three most significant professional accomplishments. Why do you view them as such?

2.      To what personal characteristics do you attribute your professional success? What has prevented you from becoming more successful?

3.      Optional Personal Statement: If you would like to share additional information with the Admissions Committee regarding your background or candidacy, you may add this information in this optional essay here.

(Information from online application) 






29. University of Wisconsin


 Total length of your essays should not exceed 6 pages type written, single space is acceptable.

1.      Explain why you are interested in pursuing your MBA and the specific career specialization at this point in your life. Specifically, how will this degree impact your future career and describe your professional short term career goals (immediately following the MBA).

2.      Tell us about a time you faced either a challenge or set back (professional or personal) in your life. Explain the situation, what happened and what did you learn or gain from the experience.




33. Purdue U -West Lafayette


These essay questions are for applicants to the Full-time (MBA, MSIA, MSHRM, MSF or GISMA programs only. Please do not upload any graphics or pictures.

1.      Discuss your long and short term career goals, how these goals developed, and what you hope to gain from graduate study at Krannert. Limit your responses to no more than 500 words.

2.      The Krannert community is comprised of a diverse student body. Describe an aspect of your personality, things you have learned, skills you have acquired, or life experiences you've had that could benefit potential classmates and will help you contribute to Krannert's diversity. Limit your response to no more than 500 words.

3.      In 250 words or less, describe a character-building event or situation in which your involvement made a significant difference.

4.      Additional Information (Optional)
Please provide any additional information that was not captured within your application. If you feel you've already provided us with sufficient information about yourself, you need not add anything here. (250 words or less)



34. Boston College.

Essay 1

Define long term success in your specific area of interest. How have your previous experiences prepared you for this professional career? What areas of specialization within the Carroll School of Management do you believe will be most valuable in achieving your goals? What specific short-term career objectives have you set to assist you in achieving your long-term career plans? (2 pages and 12 point font - double spaced)


Essay 2

Why have you selected the MBA or MSF program in the Carroll School of Management at Boston College? (1 page)


Optional Essay

Please provide any additional information that will highlight unique aspects of your candidacy to the Admissions Committee. The Committee welcomes additional comments you may wish to provide in support of your application.

(From Online Application Instruction)




34. Univ. of Florida


1.      Describe how you would like to see your career develop. Explain how your academic background, prior professional experience and the Florida MBA degree will help you achieve your career goals. If your career goals are international, or you are an international student, please include as part of your career plans, in what country or region you plan to seek employment following completion of the program. Limit your response to the equivalent of 2-3 double-spaced type written pages.

2.      Describe a success that you achieved due to your self-motivation, persistence, and hard work. What motivated you? Limit your response to 1-2 pages.

3.      (Optional) Please share any additional information that you think will assist the Admissions Committee in evaluating your application to the Florida MBA Programs. Limit your response to the equivalent of no more than 1 double-spaced type written page.


Short Answer Questions

1.      In order of importance to you, list significant extracurricular activities, professional associations and civic organizations in which you have participated in school, work or the community. Provide the dates of your involvement and indicate whether you were elected or appointed to any leadership positions.

2.      Describe below, including dates, any significant cross-cultural experiences you have had outside of your home country, including study abroad, exchange programs, extensive international travel or residence in another country.

3.      List any other interests, hobbies or recreational activities you currently pursue in your free time.

4.       If you have received any academic, professional, or civic honors or awards, have received any patents or authored any books, or have any other significant accomplishments that you would like the admissions committee to consider, please describe them below.

5.      Explain the primary factors that influenced your decision to apply to the Florida MBA Programs.




34. Univ. of Notre Dame

 Each essay should be no longer than 2 pages each.


Please complete the following essay.

What are your career plans immediately after graduation? Explain how your past experiences prepare you for your desired position. What are your long-term career aspirations?


Additionally, please complete any two of the following five essay questions.

1.      Each MBA student at the University of Notre Dame is given the opportunity to contribute to the MBA community. What will you bring to Notre Dame and the MBA family?

2.      What inspires you outside of your work environment?

3.      How do you define leadership? Please give an example of someone you feel is a great leader and explain why.

4.      Of which accomplishments are you most proud and why?

5.      Describe a failure or disappointing experience in your life. How did you react and what did you learn?





34. Univ. of Washington


Required for Full-time and Evening MBA Applicants (750 words maximum)

Applicants with a plan for the future and a good grasp of what is expected of them as MBA students are the most likely to succeed as MBA graduates. We know plans change and that people often pursue an MBA to create new career options. That said, we ask that you give us a clear statement of your current career plans. Your essay should answer all the following questions: What do you expect to do immediately after completing the MBA program? What steps have you taken to assess the viability of your post-MBA goals given your experience to date combined with your intended MBA study plans? What do you anticipate will be the primary challenges to achieving your career goals? What is your lifetime career goal? What unique aspects of the Foster MBA Program would contribute the most to achieving your short term and long term goals?


Essay 2 – OVERVIEW

(500 words maximum)

We consider a high level of involvement in student organizations, networking and career efforts to be a hallmark of the Foster MBA experience. Please describe your anticipated level of involvement as an MBA student beyond the MBA course requirements. In what specific organizations or activities will you participate? Where do you expect to make the greatest contribution to the overall MBA experience at the Foster School of Business? What aspects of your past or current life provide insights into your ability and willingness to consistently deliver more than the minimum effort required?


Required for Full-time and Evening MBA Applicants (500 words maximum)

Answer one of the following:

A.        Describe a situation in a work environment that either severely strained your relationship with co-workers or challenged your personal values. How did you resolve the situation?

B.         At this point in your career what do you consider your most significant professional accomplishments? How have these particular accomplishments affected the career choices you have made?



(250 words maximum)

Please include any other information that you believe would be helpful to the admissions committee in considering your application. For example, applicants have used this essay to explain a stretch of weak grades in college, an unusual job change, travel or time off not explained in the resume, or some particularly interesting or unique characteristic or experience that they were unable to discuss elsewhere in this application.





38. U of Illinois-Urbana Champaign


Essay questions

1.          Discuss the goals you have set for yourself immediately following the MBA. How will the Illinois MBA combined with your skills and previous experience help you accomplish these goals? (Maximum of two pages)

2.          What is the most significant challenge in the world of business today? Defend your opinion. (Maximum of two pages)

3.          Describe who you are to your future classmates. Why will they want to be your colleague and friend? (250-300 words; approximately one page)


Please provide any additional information that you would like to bring to the attention of the Admissions Committee. If you feel that your credentials and essays represent you adequately, you should not feel obligated to answer this question.





39. Univ. of Maryland-College Park



Application essays allow the admissions committee to get to know you better both professionally and personally. Additionally, the essays are used to assess writing skills, which are critical in the MS program.

l   What are your personal and professional motivations for pursuing an MS? How will a graduate degree from the Robert H. Smith School of Business assist you in achieving your goals? Finally, please discuss your specific post-MS short-term and long-term career goals. Please limit your response to 2 pages, double-spaced.

l   Choose one of the two essays below: (Note: Enter or upload response to the selected essay here.) Please limit your response to 1 page.

1.          If salary was not a factor and your living expenses were covered, what would you do for a living and how would you spend your time?

2.          If you could be the leader of an organization, what organization would you choose, and why? What changes would you make to enhance the organization and what current strategies would you retain?


Please use this essay to provide the admissions committee with additional information that will assist us in evaluating your candidacy (for example, an explanation for gaps in employment history or an undergraduate grade point average that is less than 3.0).




 40. Boston University (MA)


1.          Describe your decision to pursue an MBA degree, highlighting the following (750 words):

l   Your motivation for pursuing an MBA degree at this point in your career;

l   Your reason for choosing to apply to Boston University and the specific program that you have chosen, i.e. MS·MBA, Health Sector Management, Public and Nonprofit Management, or International Management;

l   Your plan to leverage your professional and academic experiences to achieve your post-MBA career goals

2.          Describe a formative or significant event in your life and then explain how this event has influenced your subsequent thoughts and actions. (500 words)

3.          Tell the Admission Committee about a time when you implemented an innovative solution to a challenge or problem and then describe the resulting impact on the organization or group to which you belonged. (500 words)

4.          Other than national identity, describe a uniqueness you will bring to the Boston University community that will impact your classmates - both inside and outside the classroom. (500 words)

5.          (Optional) Provide any additional information, not addressed elsewhere in your application materials, which will help the Admission Committee learn more about your candidacy. Please address any employment gaps, strengths or weaknesses. (500 words)

Written Work

You may upload a sample of your written work - a paper, monograph, or report - if you believe it will help the Admissions Committee evaluate your application.

(From Online Application Instruction)



40. Michigan State Univ.


Essay Question A

(Required for all applicants except JD/MBA; JD/MBA applicants answer Essay D in lieu of Essay A)

Describe both your short-term and long-term career goals. How compatible is your career progression (or professional accomplishments) to date with these goals? How will the Broad MBA from MSU help you achieve these professional goals? Please address why you believe now is the appropriate time to pursue the MBA as a part of your response (maximum of 750 words).

Essay Question B (Required for all applicants)

How has your background and life experiences â “including social, economic, cultural, familial, educational, or other opportunities and/or challenges â“ shaped or influenced you as an individual and as a leader? How might you leverage your background to contribute to the Broad MBA community? Limit your response to 750 words.

Essay Question C (Optional for all applicants)

You should only answer this question if you feel your complete application for admission does not adequately represent you. What other information do you believe is necessary in the assessment of your candidacy to the Broad MBA? 400 words or less, please.




40. Penn. State U. -U Park


ü   Essays

*** General guidelines for the essays:

Please include your full name and the complete question you are answering at the top of each page. Please limit your responses to one single page per question. As a guideline, start with 12 point font, double-spaced, and work with your spacing to accommodate keeping each essay easily readable on one page. If it is imperative, you may have one additional paragraph beyond the one page limit. Clarity and brevity are critical to effective professional communications.
Question 1 is required

In your field of business interest, what challenge are you hoping to address, or what need are you hoping to meet after you complete your MBA? Describe how a Penn State Smeal MBA will prepare you.

Question 2 is required

We focus on developing what we call “principled leadership.” What does that mean to you, and specifically how have you demonstrated it?

Question 3 is required

Listed below are the values that embody the Penn State Smeal MBA community.

Penn State Smeal MBA Values:

J  We are Individuals of Character and Integrity. We value honesty, humility, and hard work. We value passion, commitment, and personal responsibility. We honor our obligation to each other and to the world in which we live.

J  We are A Diverse Community built on Common Values. We value each person’s unique contributions to the Community. We value trust, mutual respect and collaboration. We share our struggles and our successes - and have fun along the way.

J  We are Leaders focused on Learning and Individual Growth. We value intellectual curiosity, creative thinking, and a commitment to excellence. We value a curriculum that is relevant, innovative, and practical, and demanding. We take risks and reach beyond our perceived limitations.

J  We are The Students, Faculty, Alumni, and Staff of The Penn State Smeal MBA Program.

J  We are Penn State.


We value how these principles help us develop our future leaders. Please select ONE of the following questions to show how you embody the Penn State Smeal MBA culture.

A.        We value each person’s unique contributions to the Community.”
What’s your unique contribution to the Penn State Smeal MBA community?

B.         We value trust, mutual respect and collaboration.”
Describe the situation from your own experience that best exemplifies this value.

C.         We share our struggles and our successes - and have fun along the way.”
From what have you learned most – a great struggle or a great success? Describe the situation and how it changed you.



40. Rice University (Jones) (TX) --- Full-Time MBA

ESSAY QUESTION - Post-MBA career goals

Discuss your post-MBA career goals and how your work experience has influenced these goals. Include in your discussion: "Why an MBA at this time?" and "The industry or functional area you plan to pursue at the completion of your MBA." (Maximum 750 words)

ESSAY QUESTION - Team Experience

Describe a team experience where your leadership and interpersonal skills directly affected the outcome of the project. How will this experience impact your contribution as a team member at the Jones School? (Maximum 750 words)

ESSAY QUESTION - Self-Reflection

Choose one of the following four essays (Maximum 500 words):

1.          What is your most "valuable" possession and why?

2.          If a billboard was advertising you, what would it look like and what would the headline be?

3.          If you had to pick three people, living or from another era, to be trapped in an elevator with for a day, who would you choose and why?

4.          What literary character best represents you and why?


(Optional) Is there anything else that you would like the Admissions Committee to know about you? (1 page)

Note: Re-applicants must submit this optional essay specifically addressing why your application should be reconsidered.




44. Southern Methodist Univ.


ü   Essays

1.          Describe your short-term and long-term career objectives. How would a Cox graduate degree help you achieve these goals? In addition to a Cox graduate degree, what experiences and attributes do you personally possess that will help you achieve your goals? (2 pages typed, double-spaced).

2.          Full-Time MBA, JD/MBA, Professional MBA, (MS Management and MS Entrepreneurship) applicants must answer this question:
Please provide a detailed example from your professional experience related to one of the following topic areas: a) risk-taking; b) teamwork; c) failure; or d) innovation. Please be sure to clearly indicate which topic area you are addressing. (1-2 pages typed, double spaced)
MA/MBA joint degree applicants must answer this question:
Why have you decided to pursue a graduate program in arts administration? How will an arts management education assist you in reaching your goals? In your answers, please indicate the specific reasons you chose to apply to SMU and describe your area of arts interest. In addition, describe your most significant accomplishments and why they are important to you.(1-2 pages typed, double-spaced)

3.          OPTIONAL Essay Please provide any additional information you believe would be helpful to the Admissions Committee. This essay could be used to explain any unclear elements of your application (i.e. gaps in work experience, lower GMAT/GPA, details on additional schools attended) to provide the Admissions Committee with a clearer picture of your application. If you answered “yes" to the questions in the Cox School Information section related to academic/disciplinary issues or criminal history you MUST submit this essay.



44. University of California-Davis


Essay 1

1) The Graduate School of Management fosters collaboration and innovation among its people and programs, challenging its community members to excel personally. With this in mind, why is the UC Davis MBA Program the right learning environment for you? (250 word maximum)?

Essay 2

2) Our most successful candidates have identified their career aspirations and can clearly articulate them. Being as specific as possible, tell us your career goals and your plans for achieving them. How has your previous experience shaped and prepared your to achieve these goals? How will a UC Davis MBA help you? (500 word maximum)?

Essay 3

The UC Davis MBA Program is well known for providing opportunities for our students to take theory and put it into practice, or 'Ideas into Action.' Share an example of a time when you took an idea and put it into action, either successfully or unsuccessfully, and what you learned about yourself through this experience. (250 word maximum)?

Essay 4


Is there any other information about your background, family or experience that you would like to share with the Admissions Committee? 


Current résumé

Your résumé should recount your work history, including each organization's name, location and explanation of its activities; your title and dates of employment (month and year); a summary of your accomplishments and responsibilities; and reason for leaving each job.

List full time positions, military assignments, and significant part-time or summer work experience. Please account for all time that has elapsed since you started working, including gaps.

Your résumé should also list your educational history, including schools attended, credentials earned and subjects studied.




44. Univ. of California-Irvine


ESSAY 1 (maximum 750 words)

Please describe your short-term and long-term career goals and how your current professional experiences relate to these goals. Explain why you are pursuing an MBA degree at this point in your career. Specifically, how will the Merage MBA help you accomplish these goals?

ESSAY 2: Short answer (maximum 250 words each)

Please answer both questions.

Ø   Describe a recent professional experience where you have taken an active leadership role and the impact it has had on your organization.

Ø   Each of our students is unique. Describe how your background, skills, and values would contribute to the Merage community and enhance the experience of your prospective classmates.

ESSAY 3 Optional (maximum 500 words)

Please provide any additional information about yourself that you have not addressed elsewhere which you believe would be helpful to the Admissions Committee.

(Information from online application)


44. Vanderbilt University


Please respond to each question below by following its respective link. As a guideline, required Essays 1 and 2 should be no more than 500 words in length. Optional Essay 3 should be only as long as necessary.


REQUIRED: Explain your short-term (post-mba) and long-term career plans as specifically as possible. When combined with a Vanderbilt graduate degree, how will your previous experiences and personal attributes enable you to pursue these goals successfully?


REQUIRED: In what ways would you impact Owen as a student and as an alumni? How would you create change within the Owen community?


OPTIONAL: You are strongly encouraged to provide an additional statement to clarify and explain any of the following: gaps of more than three months in full-time employment, poor academic performance, weak test scores, lack of recommendation from your current or most recent supervisor, limited full-time work experience, academic misconduct, violations of the law, or anything else you think is important for the Admissions Committee to know about you that is not already addressed elsewhere in your application.




48. Babson College (Olin) (MA)


ü   Essays

All F. W. Olin Graduate School of Business graduate degree candidates should respond to questions 1, 2, and 3. You may provide additional information by answering question 4. Suggested length is two double-spaced pages per essay.

Required Essays

1.          Please describe in detail your short- (immediately after graduation from Babson) and long-term career plan - in which industry would you like to work, which function or role would you ideally hold, and how do you intend to secure that position? If your plans entail a career transition, what challenges do you anticipate facing in securing your ideal position, and how will you address those challenges? Your answer should show how your past professional experiences, background, and interests combined with a Babson graduate degree will position you for success in attaining these goals.

2.          Babson defines entrepreneurship as 'thinking or acting in a manner that is opportunity obsessed, holistic in approach, and leadership balanced.' Please describe how, in your own experiences, you have met some or all of that definition.

3.          What unique contributions will you bring to the Babson community that will enhance the value of the classroom experience for your classmates?

Optional Essays

1.          (Optional) Is there anything else that you think we should know as we evaluate your application? If you believe your credentials and essays represent you fairly, you should not feel obligated to answer this question.

2.          Optional for Two-Year MBA Applicants Only: Frederic C. Hamilton Entrepreneurial Scholarship (a merit-based award) and Price-Babson Fellowship (a need-based award) Essay. Write a 250-word essay that answers the following questions: What are your specific entrepreneurial accomplishments, and how will these accomplishments add value to the Babson MBA?





49. University of Georgia


1.          Please describe your short-and long-term career goals, the steps that you have taken to prepare yourself for those goals, and the ways in which an MBA will help you achieve them. (Maximum: 2 pages)

2.          Why do you want to attend the Terry MBA Program? How will you contribute to the experience of your classmates and the larger Terry community?
(Maximum: 1 page)

3.          Describe the most significant position of leadership you have held to date. How did it expose skills/attributes you would consider strengths and those that need further development? (Maximum: 1 – 1/2 pages)
Please describe a failure or ethical challenge, how you dealt with it, and what you learned from the experience. (Maximum 1 - 1/2 pages)

4.          Optional Essay
Is there anything you want to tell us in regard to your application?




49. University of Iowa


These responses are your opportunity to express aspects about yourself that may not be revealed by your academic record. Prepare them carefully and limit each response to one typed page.

1.          Discuss your specific career objectives and how the Tippie MBA will contribute to the accomplishment of your objectives.

2.          Give an example of a situation or an action that demonstrates your potential for success in a professional environment (e.g., communication skills, entrepreneurial interests, leadership ability, etc.).

Cover Letter and Resume

l   Address a one-page cover letter to the MBA-PM Admissions Director. It should conform to the standards of business correspondence and illuminate resume items that you believe would be of particular interest to the Admissions Committee.

l   Your resume should include a summary of your employment (comprising job titles and company names and employment dates with months and years included),education, extracurricular, and community activities.

Additional Supporting Information

If you feel that adverse conditions have played a substantial role in your educational development and if you would like the Admissions Committee to weigh the factors involved, please describe your situation on a separate sheet of paper and give a brief explanation of its impact on your academic record. Examples of circumstances that could merit consideration are significant economic, social, physical, or cultural factors in your background.

1.          If you believe that your score on the GMAT does not reflect your ability because you do not do well on standardized tests, indicate the scores you received on the ACT, SAT, or any other standardized test taken before entering college or graduating.

2.          If you believe that your undergraduate grade-point average does not accurately reflect your ability, please specify the condition (e.g., illness) or obligations (e.g., employment) that interfered with your performance and why. If employment was the cause, indicate why you worked; how many hours per week you worked each semester; the type of employment.

3.          Describe anything you have done since your graduation from college or graduate school that you believe reflects your ability to perform competently in the MBA program more accurately than your GMAT score and grade-point average indicate



51. Temple University (Fox) (PA) --- MBA

ü   Essays

Leadership Essay: Please describe an incident from your personal experiences that typifies your definition of leadership. Specifically address ethics, diversity, collaboration and motivation.

Statement of Goals: Describe how you would expect to change over the course of the program. What personal and professional values and skills do you hope to acquire beyond the academic content? How will obtaining the degree help you achieve your career goals?

Optional Essay: Please provide any additional information or material you would like to include, such as discussing any weaknesses or strengths that bear on your application.




52. University of Connecticut (CT)


ü   Essays

Your resume should reflect your full-time work experience, as well as any relevant part-time work experience. Please also indicate the dates you were at each position, for instance January 2004 – May 2007.

Your statement of purpose is an important aspect of the admissions process. Please respond fully yet concisely to the following question:
Please write a one to two page essay in which you describe your background and qualifications and why you wish to undertake a MBA degree in your intended concentration. As part of this essay, describe how the MBA program fits with your long-term career interests and objectives. Please also attach a brief summary of your academic and professional honors and activities.


52. University of Missouri-Columbia (MO) --- MBA


ü   Essays

u   List awards, honors, and other recognitions you have received (include dates).

u   List personal interests (such as hobbies and recreational activities) and/or personal accomplishments that hold specific significance to you.

u   Briefly state your 5-year and 10-year career goals as an MBA graduate. Describe the type of industry and career paths that currently interest you.




54. Tulane University


Please complete one of the following statements. Please limit your response to one typed page.

l   After completing the MBA program, I will...

l   I am interested in attending the Freeman School because...

l   I should be admitted to the Freeman School because... :


Please complete one of the following statements. Please limit your response to one typed page.

l   My life up to this point has been...

l   If money was no object, I would...

l   The best advice I have been given...

l   My favorite movie or book is... :

(From Online Application)



55. University of Arizona


ü   Essays

Essay # 1

Please discuss your short-term (immediately following the MBA) and your long-term goals. How will your experience to date, combined with the Eller MBA help you achieve these goals?


Essay # 2

You are an American expat managing a worldwide business in London, England. There are only a small handful of competitors for this business, all of whom are located in Europe. Your professional success rests on achieving very aggressive financial performance targets for your business. The CEO of one of your competitors calls with an invitation for you to attend one of the regularly scheduled meetings of the competitors. It seems there has been a long standing practice of these individuals meeting for a dinner and "discussions." You fully understand these discussions entail pricing, specific customer details and market activities. You also understand that if you choose not to participate, you would not be aware of actions taken by your competitors, and your ability to achieve your financial targets would be severely affected.

What do you do? Explain your decision.


Essay # 3 (Optional Scholarship Essay for Full-Time MBA Applicants)

Why is the Eller MBA program the right program for you and what will you contribute to the Class of 2010?



55. Wake Forest University


1.          Why are you interested in the Wake Forest MBA program? How will the Wake Forest MBA help you achieve your goals (short-term and long-term)? (500 word maximum, double-spaced)
Essays will be evaluated on how well you articulate your goals and how clearly you identify how or why the features of a Wake Forest MBA fit your objectives and personal characteristics.

2.          Please answer only one of the following questions. (500 word maximum, double-spaced)

A.        If you were a presidential candidate during the election year, what would your platform be? Describe your plan for the first 90 days in office.

B.         Do you think community service hours should be a required component of the full-time MBA program? Why or why not?

3.          Optional Essay
Please use the optional essay to address anomalies that may exist in your application (i.e., poor academic performance, gaps in your educational history, etc.) (250 word limit)




57. Virginia Tech


Please complete the essay questions below. Your responses should be creative and concise. The Admissions Committee expects your essays to be composed entirely by you. Please limit your responses to no more than 500 words per essay question.

Essay Question 1

A diverse environment is key characteristic of the Pamplin MBA academic experience. What special contributions or qualities do you feel you would bring to the program? (What sets you apart from the other applicants to the Pamplin MBA program?)

Essay Question 2

Describe a situation in which you overcame adversity. How did you succeed? What did you learn from this experience and what skills have you gained from that experience that will help you in your MBA studies and beyond?

Optional Essay

What other information do you believe is important in the assessment of your candidacy to our MBA program? 250 words or less, please.

(Information from online application)


58. College of William and Mary


ü   Essay

*** Limit each essay to approximately 800 words. At the top of each page, please put your full name and a complete statement of the question being answered. Use at least 11-point font and 1.5 spacing.

Required Essay 1

Explain what has led you to want to pursue a graduate degree, why specifically an MBA and why now? Please address your post-MBA professional goals as part of your response.

Required Essay 2

Describe a professional situation where you demonstrated one of the following leadership competencies: being flexible, building relationships, communicating with impact, demonstrating integrity, focusing on results, or solving problems. If you do not have an applicable professional situation on which to base your response, you are welcome to describe a campus or community leadership experience where you demonstrated one of the competencies listed above.

Optional Additional Information

If there is additional information that would help the Admissions Committee better understand your candidacy, please include it here.




59. NC State University


ü   Essays

Essay 1.How do you expect an MBA from NC State Jenkins Graduate School will help you achieve your professional and personal goals? (500 word limit)


Essay 2.How do you define ethics? Please provide a specific example of a time when your ethics have been challenged. (500 word limit)


Essay 3.What is unique or different about you that would be an asset to others in the MBA Program?


Essay 4.What would you like the Admission Committee to know about you that is not reflected elsewhere in your application? Please include special personal or professional experiences/qualifications or explanations of GPA, GMAT scores, or work experiences that are below our published averages. (Optional)




59. Rutgers, SUNJ-New Brunswick and Newark-


ü   Essay

Please choose one of the following essay topics:

*** The essay should be typed, double-spaced, and no longer than two pages.

Essay 1: Identify an ethical dilemma you have faced and explain how you resolved it.

Essay 2: Describe what you learned from your experience as a member of a team whose project was not completed successfully.

Essay 3: Identify three accomplishments in your professional career and explain how they demonstrate your potential to become a successful manager.


Additional Information

Please use this page for any additional information that was not captured within your application. If you feel you've already provided us with sufficient information about yourself, you need not add anything here.

(Information from online application)



59. USC-Columbia


Statement of Career Objectives:

Please send a brief statement (about 500 words) of your career objectives. Include a discussion of why you feel that a degree from the program to which you are applying would help in fulfilling your career goals.


International Business Questionnaire:
*** In order to give the Graduate Division Admissions Office a more thorough understanding of your academic background, professional experience, and personal objectives, please answer the following essay questions. Please limit your essays to 200 words/1000 characters per question.

1.      Describe international work and/or living experience. List dates and length of time.

2.      What do you think are the most important characteristics and abilities a person must possess to be sucessful? How do you rate yourself in this area?

3.      Describe a specific example of something you did that helped build enthusiasm in others.

4.      What is the most significant contribution you made to the company during a past job or internship?

5.      Please list language training and indicate perceived level of proficiency native, excellent, good, fair, or poor.




62. Bentley College


General guidelines for essays:

Ø  500 words for Essay 1

Ø  250 words for Essays 2,3,4 and 5.


Essays 1 and 2 are required for all applicants.

1.      Describe the career that you would like to pursue after earning a graduate degree. Address issues such as whether you are entering the business world for the first time, changing fields, or advancing in a field or organization where you expect to remain. Why have you chosen this particular career?

2.      What aspects of your intended path of study made you decide that the program at the McCallum Graduate School was the right one for you? Please be as specific as possible.

Choose one of the following if applying to any program except the MSMA:

3.      Describe an ethical dilemma that you have observed and critique its resolution.

4.      Describe an experience where you were a member of a team charged with completing a project. What role did you play, and what was the outcome of the project?




62. Louisiana State U –


ü   Essay

Please make a brief statement concerning your proposed program of graduate study. In your statement, you should address such matters as areas of interest, your plans for development, and (for applicants to research master's and doctoral programs) possible thesis or dissertation topics.




62. Syracuse University


ü   Essay


*** The personal history and essays in the application assist immensely in the evaluation of the candidate's background and communication abilities. Candidates are encouraged to express themselves clearly, concisely, and with proper grammar. Please respond to the following items on additional sheets; do not refer the reader to your resume or transcripts.


1.      List significant employment, beginning with the most recent position held. Include any Peace Corps or military experience and relevant part-time or summer work while attending college. Use the following format:

Ø   Company name

Ø   Type of business

Ø   Size (number of employees)

Ø   City, State and Country where you worked

Ø   Title

Ø   Dates of employment (from/to, hours per week you worked (for part-time or summer jobs))

Ø   Salary history (starting salary in US currency and ending or current salary)

Ø   Accomplishments: briefly indicate your responsibilities; what you learned from each job; your career progress and achievements; and your reason for leaving.

2.      List any scholastic honors and the basis for your selection. Also list any articles or books published, research work completed or in progress, and inventions or other creative work.

3.      List course titles, locations, and dates of any academic work not listed on your transcripts that you will complete before entering the Whitman School.

4.      If you have ever received a failing grade, been placed on academic probation, or been dismissed from any school, please explain. Discuss the circumstances if you began a graduate program that you did not complete. Explain any extraordinary circumstances influencing your academic record.

5.      List your involvement in community, extracurricular, and professional activities. Please indicate the dates of your involvement, the scope of your responsibilities, whether you were elected or appointed to leadership positions, and the number of hours per week, month or year that you dedicated to that activity.

6.      List your knowledge of foreign language(s) and indicate the extent of your written and/or spoken ability.

7.      If your responses to questions one through six do not account for all of your time since high school, please explain.

8.      The following questions will allow the Admissions Committee to learn more about you. Essays should be typed, double-spaced, and not exceed the word limits indicated. Do not submit a Personal Statement as a substitute for answering these essay questions.

A.        Why are you seeking an M.B.A. or M.S. from the Whitman School of Management? What do you hope to experience and contribute? What are your plans and goals after you receive your degree? (750 words maximum)

B.         What personal characteristics do you possess that make you unique? How do you expect these attributes to make an impact on the Whitman School of Management and your classmates? (750 words maximum)

C.          (Optional) If there is specific information that you have not addressed in your application to be considered for your application review, use this essay to elaborate. If you are not currently employed or enrolled in an academic program, please describe your present circumstances.



62. University of Oklahoma


ü   Essay

A written statement of your career and educational goals




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